Walking is Fun!

Some people believe that walking helps us think better because the mind works at roughly the same speed as our feet move when they walk at a normal pace. Perhaps during this year you’ve been going on more walks than usual, but have you really been paying attention to your surroundings or are you maybe looking at your phone most of the time? Have you found new routes around where you live that you didn’t know before? What about features in buildings or trees that you hadn’t noticed before? Maybe going on a walk has sparked new ideas for you!

Try to go out on a walk with your eyes and ears open. As you walk, don’t rush the experience. Remember that moving from one point to the other is as important as arriving. Being an explorer requieres open eyes and an inquisitive mind. Take your time to look at what’s around you, be curious, ask questions, and be imaginative. These are just guidelines — THERE ARE NO RULES.

◉ OPEN YOUR EYES — Pay special attention to the buildings you walk past; avoid looking at window shops and try to look up. Observe people’s expressions. Do they look happy?

◉ MAKE AN EFFORT TO LISTEN — Make a stop (or several ones in different spots!) and try to shut down your senses – close your eyes if possible. Focus only in what you hear and try to separate different sounds. How does the space change when you concentrate on listening to it? Aim for at least two minutes of intense listening.

◉ ASK QUESTIONS & COMPARE — Focus on the space you’re experiencing and try to ask questions about the way it’s built, the transformations it has gone through, the people that converge in it. How does a space make you feel? Compare different spaces and the way you experience them.

If you live in Leeds, here’s a playful guide of the City Centre that might help you wander through it and discover new things that you didn’t know