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Ben Ingoldsby
Calle Virginia 204,
Colonia Nativitas,
Delegación Benito Juárez,
Ciudad de México
C.P. 03500

To whom it may concern,
I am applying for the position of Video Resident for the Tasty series not just so I can drool on eat what I shoot afterwards.

From working as camera assistant on high-intensity productions such as Vikings and various feature films, to leading my own high-demand camera departments on sets, I’ve learned how to perfect the organisation and planning of shoots – from pre-visualisation storyboards, floor plans and lighting diagrams, to executing tailored workflows from prep to post, multitask and hit deadlines before they know what’s coming.
Watch out, key posting times – that means you, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
Applying these skills to the demands of small-scale productions, where initiative and ingenuity are crucial, while collaborating in an open, fun and flavoursome environment is the ideal in which I flourish.

In my 5 years of active cinematography, while I have shot drama, documentary, music video, both in studio and on location with large and small crews – ever since arriving to Mexico, I have found my personal fascination in commercials and short-form content, where my creativity can be challenged most. 
To date, in the tutorial-advertising genre, I have had ground-breaking results for my creation and production of a 5-episode mini-series which garnered over 72,000 views – the highest for such a platform for Casa Diaz’s local, niche market.
Through being super-concise in both framing and editing, capturing and communicating maximum visual information in bite-sized chunks, composing and exporting in 1:1, whether in .mov or .mp4 H.264, Tasty’s established micro, minimalist-form has become more and more like the tajín to my mango.

To food is to live. Eating is life. From living eating in Ireland, England, Czech Republic and now throughout México, exposing myself to, reading tons about, (that includes taking my copy of The Thesaurus of Flavours to every dinner, however annoying to other guests) in continually feeding my interest in a wide range of cuisines, flavours and most importantly their preparation – so that I can then do it myself later – is how I occupy my free time.
Since living abroad, each national cuisine has gotten more colourful and the textures ever-more diverse, which in turn constantly fuels my fascination on a sensory, visual level (independent of whether I actually like the flavours of the dish or not – tamales norteños/cabrito, I’m looking at you).
In portraying and visually communicating the subject matter of the videos, it is these visual elements which I wish to give enhanced focus to through lighting, colour correction and when necessary, additional angle.

I am more than self-motivated. One of the biggest reasons cooking and gastronomy in general occupy so much of my time is that I am constantly fascinated by the process of discovering, (re)creating and getting results. These values are also central to my photography and filmmaking approach at preproduction, production and post production. Applying these values simultaneously to two of my passions is like Navidad y Reyes Magos all at once, which is an epic win of moar. Did someone say buñuelos con canela y bolitas de cajeta de nuez garapiñada? It can be done.

In communicating the essence of Mexican local flavours, both traditional and with delicious adventurous twists, through the Tasty format, I revel at the task of elevating the visual ingredients of vibrance, colour and texture as central elements of the images, combining them with the the accessibility and ease transmitted through the established format which, in turn, will take Mexican food to places it has never gone before – a prospect I cannot wait to be a part of.

If offered the position of Video Resident, I aim to thrive in the responsibilities of creating, experimenting and consistency – through content creation that is proven as relatable, accesible and irresistible in visuals and subject, all with an aesthetic, regional punch.
Contributing through creativity, problem solving and organisation both in-team and individually, bringing the values of constant curiosity and visual literacy to the BuzzFeed ecosystem is something I believe will be mutually beneficial.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Ingoldsby